1. Create an account by clicking on "Apply Now"
    After filling out the form, you will receive an email within one business day with your User ID and temporary password. You will be prompted to create a new password the first time logging into Question Keeper.
  2. To start a search, go to "My Questionnaires" in the Navigation sidebar.
  3. "Add a Questionnaire" to build a new questionnaire, or choose "add questions" to a pre-existing questionnaire. Questionnaires you build will be saved so that you can keep editing them over time. 
  4. Once you are in the Survey Question selection page, you will first need to choose your survey respondent type from the drop down list under Audience
  5. The survey tab allows you to choose questions only from a particular survey. Select the default (-Any-) unless you know specifically what survey you are looking for.
  6. Choose tags from the by clicking on the red title. You may select one or more tags. If you choose multiple tags, you will get questions tagged with ALL of your tags ("and" function). You may have to go through several search iterations to find what you are looking for. The definition for each tag can be found on the left side bar ("Tags Legend").  
  7. Click on Apply to see the results of your query, and confirm you selection when asked.  
  8. If you are satisfied with the list of results and want to save it, select the checkbox by the Question title. You can also choose to select only a few questions from the list by marking the checkboxes only by the appropriate questions.
  9. To put the questions in your basket, select “ Add questions to selected Questionnaire under Operations. "Confirm" to add questions to your basket. 
  10. Repeat the same to add more questions.
  11. Go to "My Questionnaires" in the Navigation box, then select the Questionnaire you are working on to find your list of selected questions. There you can remove questions as needed.
  12. In your Questionnaire box, click "Download" to export all your results into an excel file.
  13. Your survey questions are available and formatted in an excel spreadsheet (make sure wrap around button is selected to keep the appropriate format). Use this to create your survey on a Word document, to insert into Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, or other survey tool.