Welcome to Question Keeper

Question Keeper is a database of survey questions that allows you to build your own evaluation questionnaire.

You can select questions:

  • by type of audience (consumers, farmers, partner organizations, etc.),
  • by tag (what you are trying to measure: trust, knowledge change, attitude change, demographics, equity, etc.),
  • by original survey (previously used surveys can be entirely downloaded).

The questions you select can be added to a stored list. Once you are satisfied with the contents of your list you can download your selected questions in a .csv file to then create your survey.

Watch a demo video here!


Before you start, create an account by going to the Apply Now tab.

The Instructions page will guide you through the process of creating your survey, or go to the FAQ tab for Frequently Asked Questions. 

For any additional questions, or assistance in using the database, please feel free to contact questionkeeper@iastate.edu.


Examples of use:

- A Local Food Coordinator wanting to evaluate the development of a coalition they are facilitating. 

- An Extension educator wanting to evaluate the impact of a meeting or workshop they have hosted.

- A grant recipient wanting to evalaute the impact of the granted project. 

- A food hub manager wanting to evaluate the impact of a new procurement policy. 

Learn more about who and what this database is for in our FAQ.


This instrument was funded in part by the University of Minnesota Extension

If you experience an error (usually a pink box with red text appears at the top of the screen), please take a screenshot and email it  to agweb@iastate.edu. In the unlikely event that anything more catastrophic happens, please let agweb@iastate.edu know via email, supplying as much detail as possible.